A Good Business Consultant is a Kickstarter

Creative business people

A Kickstarter helps companies bring projects to life and puts them on a fast track. This person might be an internal strategist or an outsider. It is someone who is a problem solver and drives creative thinking, ambitiously tackling the opportunity.

Fact-Based – Look before you leap. When there is a special project to be done, it is imperative that you set clear objectives with the team involved and quickly analyze the situation and learn what needs to be learned. It is time to take inventory of what is working well and what needs to change. It is time to scan the marketplace and (re)discover what the customer needs are and what your competition is doing.

Solution-Focused – Open your mind, disrupt your thinking, engage the team. When you have facts in hand, you waste less time talking in circles or campaigning for an idea that does not align with the needs and interests of your business and your customer. You can quickly define and prioritize opportunities that will resonate.

Susan K Spaulding is a Mentor, Coach, Consultant, and Author.

Susan works with businesses and leaders to take inventory, uncover the possibilities and navigate a path forward.