When Opportunity Knocks

Leadership is the allocation of limited resources toward the critical growth path. In other words, the only opportunities you should be saying “yes” to are the ones that move your mission forward. As a business leader, you are high-energy and believe that you can get anything accomplished you set your mind to. That may be […]

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Relationships Matter

In business, even in this fast-paced and seemingly hyper-connected world, relationships are important. It takes commitment, for sure. But, that commitment to building relationships is essential when we have colleagues from around the globe. First, let’s talk about what relationships are not. They are not business cards collected at a networking event, a request to […]

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Focus Group

Focus Groups Still Work

As a recovering market researcher, I recently had the opportunity to moderate a series of in-person discussion groups. I was reminded immediately of the beauty and effectiveness of open and honest feedback in the middle of the development process. From my experience, underlying motivators, gaining insight, and building it into your business is how you […]

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Start up Business

How to Avoid the Hiccups of Start-ups

It’s funny. I’ve mentored entrepreneurs from every generation from Boomers to Millennials and they all share one commonality: an excitement for something new. Most entrepreneurs are starters and love being on the ground floor of a venture that might be a big success. Many have something else in common: impulsivity. Quick to try new things […]

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What's your story?

Stories Matter

Have you ever been asked, “What’s your story?” It’s because we are infatuated with what is going on underneath the surface. Or maybe we’re just nosey. Stories come in all shapes and sizes: a billboard, a tweet, a 30-second advertisement, an essay, a poem, a memoir, or a novel. Stories, whether mundane or extraordinary, connect […]

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mergers can work

Mergers Can Work

To some of you, this title might sound like an oxymoron. Maybe you’ve seen a merger go awry or you’ve helped clean up the pieces in the aftermath. I know where you’re coming from. As someone who has walked alongside high-level leaders for years, helping them recalibrate and navigate the transition, I can safely say […]

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Words Matter in social media

Words Matter

In the last decade, with the rise of social media and 24/7 news channels, people are producing more content than ever before. And that means that people have more choice about what they listen to than ever before. In our noisy world, words matter. Why should we care? For starters, say these words and phrases […]

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Boomer and Millenial

Boomer Power: Harnessing the Power of Boomers

There are tens of thousands of Boomers retiring each year for the next decade. What does that mean to the business world? Lest we not forget, Boomers shaped today’s corporate culture. Boomers advanced technology exponentially. Think Apple. Think Microsoft. Think Southwest. Think Starbucks. You get the idea. These are not people who you should expect […]

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