Executive Capacity – Part I

Meet the executive.

Meet the Executive

The person who worries about strategy, execution, the team, getting it all done, doing the right thing and oh yes…living.

The intent to do well is there. The desire to be successful is strong. It just seems that things keep getting in the way and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. But how can that be? You already feel you’re working 24/7…how many more hours will it take to get on track?

In the past couple of years, the focus and need for improving personal productivity has been stronger than I have seen it in the past 20+ years I’ve been in business. As a decision maker, you may actually be very productive. Or you believe you’re productive. But you see…or more importantly feel…that things need improvement. But the cost feels high. The question is…what derails you?

Is it the number of emails you receive? The number of things that interfere with working on your priorities? Finding the time to simply ‘think’? Spending time on the detail of execution rather than the strategic vision? Communication with your team or assistant? What else causes you to veer from your focus…and life?

Today’s working environment has numerous challenges. One source says we experience interruptions every 45 seconds, average 75 emails/day and continue to multitask – even though all research points to it being detrimental to your ability to produce. And although productivity follows technology, it seems that technology is both the culprit and the savior. So what can you do?

Your leadership role isn’t just about solving problems. Or getting the vision ‘correct’. Your role is a journey that not only impacts your time as well as the time and efforts of others…but your life and those you care about. So taking the time to reflect on how your personal productivity is faring is worthwhile. It takes courage, self-reflection and openness but it’s the first step you can take towards impacting your time and capacity in a big way. And that’s worth it, isn’t it?

In Part II of this series I’ll cover the importance of systems.

-Cynthia Kyriazis
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