Susan consults, coaches and mentors to help individuals and businesses recalibrate for greater success. 


  • Consulting with mid-market and large, multi-national organizations to understand the market situation as well as ideate and prioritize opportunities to ignite growth.
    • Facilitated the evolution of a major non-profit “asking” strategy to engage Affluent Boomers pre-retirement and post-retirement
    • Helped a wholesaler redefine its purpose and identify new opportunities to grow its core retail business
    • Helped to launch the most successful new product line for an industrial manufacturer
    • Identified what’s next for a food service company
    • Discovered new opportunities for an adult beverage company
    • Personified the target audience for a major lending company
    • Redirected the positioning of a major restaurant chain helping it reach its profitability goals
    • Uncovered the motivators required to gain public support of re-investment in a state’s transportation system, creating a vision for the 21st century
    • Uncovered innovation platforms for a major healthcare organization
    • Discovered how to more effectively differentiate a university and develop curriculum that aligned with the regional community needs
    • Moderated Advisory groups to aid in the co-creation of new and/or improved products and services
    • Partnered with a sales strategy expert in the development of a new business development model for a software consulting firm
    • Helped a church move toward radical change moving the organization from a traditional model to one where the church property becomes a community hub for refreshment and renewal.


  • Coaching small business owners on how to recalibrate and reenergize their business and their brand as well as help them create a vision for their own future Life 2.0
    • Assisted a business owner in the development of a personal strategic plan in preparation for exiting the business
    • Encouraged strategic change for a consulting firm, navigating the organization through a merger and leadership transition.
    • Helped to craft a value-added resource to leverage a business owner's expertise and move away from a 24/7 service model.
    • Advised a buyer on negotiating with sellers that were frequently changing acquisition parameters
    • Provided ongoing and ad hoc coaching for the CEO and team leaders in problem solving related to both internal and external issues.
    • Worked to clarify the impact of culture on business growth and employee retention


  • Mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs of many different business ideas to help shape their business and their brand.
    • Challenged business owners to clearly define the customer and focus on near term growth and success 
    • Encouraged greater awareness of the competitive marketplace and how to differentiate from others
    • Pushed individuals to understand and accept the need to formalize a business plan and identify the ways to monetize their ideas
    • Supported the decision-making process for go/no go decisions
    • Educated individuals on necessary resources and the importance of key advisors
    • Introduced the concept of intentional and continuous planning and marketing in the launch of the business

When you or your company are looking for help with any of the following, be sure to contact us today:

  • Business, Brand & Marketing Insights & Strategy
  • Customer and Employee Engagement
  • Opportunity Definition and Development
  • Leadership Transition and Succession Planning

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