Workshops and Webinars

Need something a little more in-depth than just a meeting? Then consider a workshop or webinar from Recalibrate Strategies. As a master moderator and facilitator, I’m well versed in engaging participants and helping them steer the way down a successful path.

Recent engagements include those of speaking, teaching and facilitating, with topics such as:

  • How business leaders prepare their business, leadership and themselves for what’s next
  • Developing a differentiated brand
  • Exploring new possibilities : products, services, ventures, customers, etc.

Brand Differentiation

  • Refreshing the vision, mission and brand message of business and individuals
  • Engaging your workforce in goal setting and accountability
  • Creating brand ambassadors amongst your workforce
  • Art of differentiation
  • Message mapping
  • Brand engagement
  • Why brands matter to a family-owned business

Opportunity Definition

  • Refreshing the vision, mission and brand message of businesses and individuals
  • Ideating for new products and services
  • Wargaming
  • Organic growth and activation
  • Referrals as the foundation for growth

Transition Navigation

  • Exit planning
  • Identifying business value drivers
  • Sharing your story to mentor and inspire
  • Life 2.0 and Personal Branding (4 video-instructed modules)
  • Personal strategic planning
  • Role of a consultant