How often have you seen a company add a sku to an already overflowing product portfolio in response to customer demand? Then, all of a sudden, the company has so many skus (and so few sales per sku) that no one can keep up and profitability plummets.

Product Portfolio

Chances are, you’ve seen it more than a time or two before. So, what do you do?

A wholesaler I know once said, “Enough is enough! We need to streamline and find out what customers really need and want, and how we can deliver on that.” I couldn’t agree more.

The steps they took were pragmatic and bold. Take a cue from them and try these in your particular situation:

  • Analyze your sales and profitability at the sku level by customer.
  • Identify which products or product groups are the most profitable and most effectively impact acquisition and/or retention.
  • Talk with your customers and learn what they value most.
  • Realign your brand portfolios.
  • Cull what is not working.
  • Identify portfolio gaps for development or acquisition.
  • Recalibrate, recalibrate, recalibrate.

So, what happened with the wholesaler?

You guessed it.

No one complained that a sku was taken away. Customers actually appreciated participating in the evaluation and clarifying what was valued most. New energy was devoted to innovation. And, best of all, profits soared.

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